With blockchain technology set to impact the digital marketing landscape and change the way organisations use data, it is important organisations have the upper hand and understand how it can impact business going forward. 

So what does blockchain mean for us as businesses and individuals? 

Using blockchain technology, marketers are able to target specific audience groups and only serve up ads if the consumer has explicitly opted into seeing advertisements around a given type of content. It will give users more control in a world where it seems data misuse has become the norm. 

Jonathan Brown, author of this ClickZ article, has outlined 5 ways blockchain will have a big impact:

1. Tokenized marketing content will give prospects control of their data

2. Reduced advertising fraud

3. Improved SEO with enhanced tracking capabilities

4. Optimized cross-platform digital advertising for brands and retailers

5. Enhanced customer marketing, and improved loyalty

Will we see the world of digital marketing be heavily influenced by blockchain technology?

Only time will tell.....