When done right, brand awareness campaigns should be consistent, aligned and ideally automated and connected. 

However, marketers have often struggled connecting traditional, non-digital channels (print / out-of-home) with newer digital channels. 

Now that is starting to change, with new tactics and technologies allowing for smarter, more aligned campaigns. We put this to the test recently when we ran a highly effective campaign for a client (we'll call them Client X) that connected out-of-home with programmatic. 

We ran a brand awareness campaign for Client X across busy train and tube stations throughout London. What was smarter about this campaign was that we then ran programmatic adverts, using geotargeting, to mobile devices that where within 500m of the target stations. 

The idea was to spark a sense of surprise and intrigue at seeing the ad both physically on a giant billboard, and in the palm of your hands. 

The results went beyond our expectations as we saw an increase of over 200% in Click Through Rates (against industry benchmarks) from our programmatic mobile activity.

The news of increased spend on out-of-home advertising can only be positive and with innovation at its forefront, the possibility to tap into digital screens programmatically could only lead to new and exciting ways of reaching your audience whenever and wherever.