Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic as of late for B2B marketers. It offers multiple potential benefits, from the way it can help us gain a better understanding of customer journeys, to creating more personalised, targeted, effective creative.

According to research conducted by two marketing firms, B2B marketers are still very much in the early stages of grappling with AI and how it can be applied to their businesses.

Much of what we call AI is really just a simple algorithm, but as a marketing term, AI can be seen as a method of leveraging customer data, anticipating your customer’s next move and improving the journey.

How can AI help marketers do their jobs more efficiently? 

AI can definitely 'free up time', as it takes some of the heavy lifting data and spreadsheet work, allowing marketers to focus more on creative and strategy. 

AI can be used by marketers to allow them to tackle large data pools, create more specific customer personalisation and predict purchase intent signals. When running various campaigns, over multiple marketing channels, across multiple tools, this can be highly valuable. 

The AI of data across multiple tools & platforms allows the marketers to understand the customer's journey at multiple touchpoints, including ad targeting, lead generation and search optimisation. It's through this that marketers can create smarter, more effective campaigns that hit the right people, at the right time, with the right messaging.