In the past, the B2C space has dominated video advertising, using content that builds on emotions - often funny, irreverent and even somewhat juvenile. Research shows that within B2C the average Facebook video generates 135% greater organic reach compared to photo posts. 

However with an evolving digital landscape - B2B is beginning to catch up.

More B2B brands are using video to achieve various objectives; from building brand awareness, to product and service promotion, boosting conversions and lead generation.

Using video is highly effecitive for brand-building and results in higher brand lift and trust. Brands evolve continually, and telling the story is important to keep your audience connected and bring in new viewers — which could eventually become loyal customers. Companies utilising video content experience a 41 percent increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video in their content strategies.

According to a recent Google study - 70% of B2B buyers watch videos along their buying journey - a whopping 52% jump in just two years.

Digital advertising, and video especially, has proven more effective in driving sales than traditional advertising ever did by offering a more creative way of marketing. It’s in the best interests of B2B and B2C companies to continue to embrace video marketing.