Cambridge Analytica, GDPR, ad fraud, hidden fees… there’s an ever-growing list of reasons why there has been a recent lack of confidence in data-led digital marketing, and programmatic advertising especially has attracted a lot of criticism.

When buying adverts programmatically, on the open exchange, brands are exposing themselves to tonnes of websites and billions of potential impressions. When done poorly, it can lead to issues over transparency - there can be a lack of clarity of where and who is seeing these impressions - a big risk for brands. 

However... when done correctly, with control over data and processes (we have our own trading desk at Kingpin) you can mitigate the risk and navigate programmatic buys, delivering what programmatic was set out to provide -increased ROI.

For programmatic to be sustainable, it is crucial that the risk is eliminated for advertisers. There needs to be trust, transparency and assurance - and that's what we continue to push for at Kingpin.