Encore's legendary Dan Shaw asks a question a lot of marketers (particularly us agency folk) have asked themselves: given that it is a cornerstone of digital metrics... why the *expletive* is viewability still so shoddily defined?

WELL, turns out it's a bloody complicated formula where innovative, or even mild adjustments to the current status quo can massively disrupt the marketing ecosystem. 

Too far one way and publishers (already under pressure from 14,000 other buzzwords AND the dreaded "Big Three" closing ranks on them) end up very much out in the cold. Not far enough, and we have to wonder how much longer we can accept that 50p of our £1 display budget even stands a *chance* of being half seen by a user....

Dan provides three potential solutions, (all of which I think we will be seeing take sharper focus in the future): Cost Per Hour, a less slavish focus on Clicks as a success metrics and Viewable only purchasing. 

Check out the piece - it's a topic that's been bubbling for a while and I think Dan lays out some hard truths and fresh approaches that the we should be bracing (or praying) for.