With network providers testing 5G networks throughout 2018 and getting ready to release the first 5G-ready phones next year, what can we really expect from the launch?

Currently, when clicking on any weblink there are a few milli seconds of delay where the page is loading. However, with the higher speeds and masses of data that 5G will be able to process, those few moments of delay should be eliminated. In theory, this should encourage users to stay on the website they have clicked through to, reducing bounce rates – just as 4g did when it was released.

With higher volumes of data processing, there will be more opportunities for more technically advanced advertising, including highly targeted out-of-home opportunities. 5G can allow us to show dynamic video to screens which can then react quickly to the latest news or highlights in the area.

Not only can we expect super-fast load speeds, we should expect a range of new ad units with more complex advertising with better resolution creatives.

So will all of these benefits, better creative and more advanced targeting, mean ad blockers will diminish?

In my opinion, no... because although one of the main contributing factors to people downloading an ad blocker is the load times, the main motivation to download and ad blocker is because of exposure to viruses and interruption

But only time will tell…