The pace of change and the level of distruption to business is continuing to increase.  So the challenge of making the right business decisions has never been more critical.

The rapid emergence of companies that didn't exist 20 years ago (e.g. Uber and Airbnb) are evidence that if companies do not innovate and adapt someone "new" will come along a take their market share.

While change requires a new mindset, using and understanding the vast amount of data available will be vital for businesses to make to key decisions.

Jordan Morrow, global head of Pennsylvania-based software company Qlik’s data literacy department says:

"Data literacy is a great enabler of digital business and its mastery will enable people to “treat information as a second language”, according to global advisory giant Gartner, describing it as the must-have skill in the workplace."

Jordan makes some good points, but the journey to collecting, managing and reading data can take a while.  So in the mean time leverage the tools and knowledge of 3rd parties to help you.

At Kingpin, we provide our clients with detailed account and contact insights that help:

  • Prioritise sales & marketing resources
  • Tailor messaging
  • Refine audience targeting
  • Focus on most responsive marketing channels.

Ultimately, this helps our clients stay ahead of the competition, deliver on marketing and business KPIs and not get left behind.