So time for something a little less serious.

It's sometimes nice to take a self-critical look at practices that we see as pretty commonplace, or vital, in the marketing world - in this case, the wonderful concept of PERSONALISATION! The solution to all of our content marketing woes right?

Leveraging customer data to build a picture of our prospects and cater to their consumption habits is increasingly standard in prospecting, nurture and customer retention.

But what happens when we build up an incorrect picture? Or when our customer intelligence veers into creepy territory? And what do people think of this kind of approach when it's out in the wild?

If you're a masochist like me, and don't mind some pretty uhhh... "uncomplimentary" words about marketing (and some colourful language), this article demonstrates the point using a simple, close to home example: Netflix's dreaded "Recommended For You" algorithm... (And how Netflix has decided that the article writer is apparently a serial killer in the making).