In order for B2B marketing to deliver on customer expectations for personalisation, marketers require specific digital skills, but do they have the necessary knowledge?

Shortage of data-driven marketers

Businesses now have more customer data than ever before. This has led to a wave of identity-driven marketing with data used to target marketing campaigns and engagement effectively. In fact, three quarters of businesses now implement this strategy. 

However, new research from The CMO Club has revealed that marketers are facing increasing pressure to improve their digital skills in order to be able to work on identity-driven marketing. 

With companies using personalisation seeing revenues grow two to three times faster than those not yet adopting it, there is a clear need for such skills. But B2B Marketing reports that over half of CMOs are struggling to fill skills gaps in personalised technology. They are also lacking candidates for measurement, analytics, multi-touch, attribution, and media mix optimisation.

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Best time for B2B firms to post on social media

With many buyers going online to conduct their purchase research, it is important for businesses to have a digital footprint. As we all know from our own use of social media, posting at certain times and on certain days will result in more engagement, but when should companies share on the major platforms?

According to Business2Community, companies should aim to post at the following times:

Facebook - B2B and professional services audiences are most active on Zuckerberg’s site during 12-3pm Monday to Thursday, as well as in the evening around 9pm.

Instagram - There tends to be a lull in activity during commuting and dinner time, so from 5-7pm. Peak hours for sharing on Instagram are before and just after these hours: 11am-noon, 3-4pm, and after 6pm from Tuesday to Friday. 

LinkedIn - The professional networking site tends to see a lot of engagements on Tuesday. If you want to space your posts throughout the week, 11am-1pm and 4-7pm Tuesday to Thursday is your best bet for greatest engagement.

Twitter - Unsurprisingly, Twitter’s posting times are similar to Facebook and Instagram. Aim to post around 8-10am, 11am-12pm, 2-4pm, and 5-6pm on weekdays. 

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Marketers rethinking nurture strategies

The buying cycle is getting longer and decision-making teams are growing. It is, therefore, increasingly important for B2B marketers to get lead nurturing right. 

However, the majority (86%) of respondents to Demand Gen Report’s 2018 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Benchmark Survey described their current lead nurturing efforts as “average” or below. Nearly half (44%) stated that their initiatives “need improvement”, while just 10% view their efforts as “excellent”. 

In fact, over a third (34%) cannot see a measurable difference in the performance of their nurtured leads and their non-nurtured leads. 

The majority of those surveyed revealed they have had difficulties in generating responses through their nurture programmes, with nearly a quarter (23%) describing it as “very challenging”.

Looking ahead, respondents revealed plans to become more targeted and provide prospects with more relevant communications. They will do this by: improving segmentation of prospects based on interests/behaviours (50%); boosting response to campaigns/offers due to targeting and relevancy (44%); delivering customised experiences via websites (33%); and gaining deeper engagement on prospects and customers (25%).