I've just had a meeting with a Telco. It was a useful meeting because we're looking to up our bandwidth here and possibly move from our incumbent. 

However, and here's the rub, choosing a telco, connectivity or telephony supplier is really hard for me as a purchaser. Why? Because they all say the same thing....

They are all partners of tier 1 vendors. They are all well established. Their websites look the same. Differentiation is nigh on impossible. 

I began searching for ways that marketers can show their "USP's" online, whilst decision makers are researching. Most of the articles I can find are like the one below from Forbes. They include legendary customer service, admit mistakes, be honest etc. etc. 

But most of these are cultural, run through any good organisation and you can only prove them once you START working with a new company. So what CAN they do?

I'll offer one single piece of advice. Stop being so worried about looking like the next organisation and stand out. Be honest. Talk about what you do for customers - not the products you sell. 

Good example? StripeOLT. A company in the crowded market of IT Consultancies. Instead of repeatedly talking about their Microsoft Certification they use the headline "Let us deal with the technology headache". Their text then talks about what their prospects want to do - growth, efficiency, lower costs. 

Why is that different? Well it's customer first. It puts them in our shoes and not grandstand about their own achievements.

That is few and far between amongst their competitors.... 

(as an aside StipeOLT are not a client of Kingpin's. I just like the way they position themselves)