Lack of trust changing B2B buying behaviour:

Forbes isn’t shy to hit B2B Marketers where it hurts by saying the majority of B2B buyers don’t trust vendors.

Forbes reports on a recent study where Trust Radius surveyed 650 B2B professionals and found that only 36% of B2B buyers surveyed believe they got the full picture from their vendor.

Vinay Bhagat, CEO and founder of TrustRadius remarked “The reality is that buyers have already changed, and vendors have to adapt…The status quo of trying to control the message and using traditional forms of customer marketing, like highly-crafted case studies and gated references, is increasingly anachronistic. It simply is not the path forward for B2B vendors.”

The solution it seems is to think a little differently. In the report Trust Radius advocates:

  • Ditch the marketing speak and create branded content that is authentic, clear, and useful
  • Make it easy for buyers to experience your product directly and determine whether or not it is the right fit for their use
  • Connect buyers with those who are better equipped to provide them with the balanced feedback they need — your customers   

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Get your email marketing right!

While 69% of businesses spend time and money on email marketing, and email has been a proven content marketing tactic, it seems that some have some work to do to get it right.

SuperOffice recently published “The State of B2B Email Marketing”, where in a survey one in five email campaigns was not optimised for mobile devices, and 89% of them were sent from a company name, suggesting a lack of personalisation.

“Contrary to a popular belief, it’s not the subject line that is the reason why an email is opened. It’s the sender’s name,” concluded the authors of the report. “64% of subscribers open an email based on who it’s from, compared to 47% of subscribers who open emails based on the topic (the subject line).”

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ABM – Still not working for all internal teams

In a study reported by B2B Marketing ABM (Account-based Marketing) isn’t hitting the spot for many marketers and sales representatives that use it. 60% of marketers and 79% of sales people cited they were dissatisfied with the impact.

Suzanne Griffiths, MD at Whiteoaks International, said alignment was rising in importance but the level of dissatisfaction from sales and marketing indicated a change to strategy was needed. “In the B2B technology sector, the alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing departments to achieve a shared strategy is becoming ever more crucial. With 67% of the typical B2B buyer’s journey taking place online, we can now better prove and understand the importance of social media and email marketing in supporting the sales function.”

65% of sales and marketing leaders believe social media is the best way to communicate with prospects, closely followed by email in ABM, with the traditional case study and whitepaper ranked in third. So if your ABM isn’t quite working for your internal teams, do you need to rethink it?