The article below from Inc is over 6 years old. In other words it's not a new way of thinking, or in this case, of selling. The author argues that value selling is about that, selling the value of your solution.

So why is it that too many organisations just sell on features? This week we've been sat through exploratory meetings based around UC and potentially upgrading our phone system and if I hear another spiel about codec standards compliance or similar I think I'm going to blow a gasket.

We have to keep the vendor on track, basically by getting them to explain how their solution benefits us, fits our needs and improves what we do. If that bit goes well our techies will care about the nuts and bolts.

So to put a plea out there. Sell to your audience's needs not to your features. Kinda like I was told to when I was a sales exec in 1989. It's not new. It's not rocket science.  

Like Nike once said. Just do it.