It’s a simple rule of marketing - you have to understand your customers buying behaviour to have any chance of successfully selling your products and services.

Understanding what prompts your customers to make a purchase is vital to any business. Knowing the needs and challenges of your target individuals, buying groups and organisations should form the foundation of any marketing strategy. 

It is crucial to know who the key decision-makers are, their buying habits and the channels and devices they’re using, but perhaps more importantly you need to understand why they made a particular buying decision.

You need to focus on buyer motivation and purchase intent - and that all comes down to data intelligence. 

The journey begins...

It’s fair to say the technology buying process for enterprise (and most SMB) organisations is far from simple. There is an array of internal and external factors influencing and impacting decisions.

But what starts the process?

IT professionals (and this applies to all levels of seniority) are always looking to improve their business's operations. Whether it's reducing costs, increasing efficiency, securing networks or speeding up productivity, IT Pros are always on the search for game-changing technologies, tweaks to old solutions, or on the lookout to replace aging software and hardware. 

This is the never-ending IT buying cycle.

This means your customers are constantly tracking news, monitoring vendor health and discovering new players and products. And this means there are numerous touch points that you could be tracking. 

For technology marketers, this means you need to;

1) Have an always on approach that puts your brand messaging and product benefits in front of the right people at the right time before they have realised a need for your product. 

2) Utilise intent data and audience intelligence (by tracking and monitoring campaign and website engagements) to predict which accounts are most likely to be interested in your products or services and nurture them through the funnel. 

Harnessing these insights is vital if you want to beat your competition. If you're targeting your prospects too far down their buying journey (e.g. when they've already established a need and have built a vendor shortlist) the chances are you've already lost that business. 

Understand your customers buying behaviour and you're on the right tracks towards marketing success.