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How Facebook probably ruined Video Marketing for everyone (...but we can still save it!) 

Back in 2016, Facebook was caught out inflating its video metrics. This is old news and was handled at the time, but now it is claimed that the numbers are even bigger than once thought; maybe even 900% bigger ...

So what does this mean for Video Marketing in the B2B tech space? Every year seems to be the "Year of Video Marketing". Are brands getting video advertising wrong and are customers now switching off?

Joe Bucknor, Account Director at Kingpin shares some insights on this latest video marketing story in his fantastic new blog post 

Maybe it can be saved.


Should you audit your PPC strategy? (The 8 factors you should consider) 

Pay-per-click advertising is big business. It has been shown that around 71% of B2B buyers start their research with a generic search and a successful PPC strategy can transform your marketing strategy.

But many are still lagging behind when it comes to PPC, failing to keep up with industry and technological changes and not taking time to audit their strategy.

In this blog we ask ‘Should you audit your PPC strategy?’ and look at the 8 factors you should consider.

Read the full article from the team here 



Integrating traditional Demand Gen with ABM 

According to a Demand Gen Report study B2B marketers continue to largely prioritise traditional demand generation over account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. To streamline their marketing efforts this year 38% of respondents reported having combined the two. However, among the ABM initiatives positively impacting businesses are better sales and marketing alignment (56%) and efficient use of marketing resources (48%).

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Two technology CEOs — Jim Bowes and Robert Belgrave — discuss how technology is changing our lives, joined every month by a special guest from the industry in their podcast show Alexa STOP! 



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This time next week Kingpin will be at B2B Drum Awards in New York, where we've been nominated for Agency of the Year.

Good luck to everyone nominated!


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