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This week we look at the effects of GDPR 6 months on, how to maximise engagement with video, and why you should be wary about believing Facebook’s stats…



GDPR was supposed to be the end of Email Marketing, right?So how come our ROI has improved...?

When GDPR came into play, many feared their email marketing would grind to a halt. Yet in the work Kingpin has been managing CTR has almost doubled YoY

Karl Wakley, Head of Data at Kingpin has seen how cleaning up data and messaging that's more relevant has led to an increase in downloads and thus increased ROI from email marketing campaigns. Read the story in his fantastic new blog post 

Did you see that coming?


So You’ve Got Your Video, What Do You Do With It Now to Maximise Engagement and Conversions? 

With video becoming the most preferred medium among consumers, and that by 2021 video will represent 80% of all online traffic (Cisco), you're probably using video in your marketing strategy.

Yet, many marketers still struggle to measure the quantitative side of video and create data-driven content that is engaging, which generates more leads at each stage of the funnel.

Kingpin Co-Founder James Foulkes shall be speaking at TwentyThree's next Breakfast Seminar in London: Qualitative vs. Quantitative: How to Properly Run Video Across the Entire Marketing Funnel, on November 29th.

To find out more about the event and to register click here 



How Facebook probably ruined Video Marketing for everyone (...but we can still save it!) 

Back in 2016, Facebook was caught out inflating its video metrics. This is old news and was handled at the time, but now it is claimed that the numbers are even bigger than once thought; maybe even 900% bigger ...

So what does this mean for Video Marketing in the B2B tech space? Every year seems to be the "Year of Video Marketing". Are brands getting video advertising wrong and are customers now switching off?

Joe Bucknor, Account Director at Kingpin shares some insights on this latest video marketing story in his fantastic new blog post 

Maybe it can be saved.

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"Could you go back a slide?"

If there's one thing a good marketer knows, it's "Perception is Everything". So to appear smart in a meeting, just use these 20 Tricks




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This time next week Kingpin will be at the B2B Marketing Awards, where we're hosting the after party!

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