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This week we look at the good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, what B2B tech marketers in EMEA and the US can learn from APAC, and how to market to the CIO...


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The good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Paid social is becoming a must-have in most companies marketing strategies. According to the latest CMO survey, social media budgets are predicted to almost double by 2023.

Sophie-Louise Vevers, Account Manager at Kingpin knows how effective paid social can be, yet the platforms themselves need to keep improving. Read her summary in her new blog post

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What digital marketers in US and EMEA can learn from APAC

A recent forecast from Zenith predicts that APAC will contribute up to 33.4% of global growth in online Ad spend. On top of this, spend in Asia / Pacific on digital transformation is set to reach $386 Billion in 2018 according to the latest IDC spending guide. So maybe it's time to take notice..

Chris Smith Head of Programmatic at Kingpin has become more familiar with APAC as more clients move the management of global campaigns to Kingpin. There are some lessons to learned here for B2B tech marketers in the US and EMEA.

To find out more read his blog here

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Tactics for targeting the CIO (and the people that influence them)

Offer a sales person a lead with “CIO” in the job title and you can expect them to try to snatch it out of your hand. At least hold on to it until they’ve bought you a frothy coffee. 

But to get free coffee and cake for life, how does a marketer get the interest of the CIO in the first place? It may be simpler than you think.

Here's our latest infographic with our six top tips.

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3D Scanning (made to look wrong.)

Not quite sure what to make of it's use here, but there's bound to be a future for 3D scanning, even if it's making toys dance this time.

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And finally....

Tonight Kingpin will be at the B2B Marketing Awards, where we're hosting the after party! Join us for a free drink and for the chance to win a voucher worth £150.

Good luck to everyone nominated! 


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