Welcome to The Kingpin Weekly Digest #15.

Imagine working on a campaign for 18 months, analysing and monitoring thousands of data points, trends and survey results and still not being able to deliver the people what they want…

…but enough about your email campaigns!*

This week on the Digest we provide some quick wins to improve your email deliverability, a look at the state of programmatic in 2019 and look at the indirect role content syndication plays in generating revenue. And no more Brexit jokes, we promise.


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Are your marketing emails even getting through to your audience? Some easy deliverability tweaks to up your email marketing game in 2019 

Email marketing is incredibly powerful, yet if your subscribers do not see your email they cannot open, click and convert to ROI. Unfortunately sometimes it’s the wording and design of the emails that sets you up for failure before you've even pressed send.

Peter Rew and Jono Roberts have put together some quick wins which have helped drive up our clients' email deliverability and CTRs which you can use in 2019.

Read these here

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The ghosts of programmatic: past, present and future. 

What did we learn from 2018 and what does 2019 have in store for Programmatic?

As it develops quickly what are the emerging technologies and what are the reservations people have?

Chris Smith takes you through the landscape of programmatic over the next 12 months.

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Content syndication - the indirect driver of sales opportunities 

It’s pretty clear to us that content syndication is vital tactic for generating sales opportunities, but one marketer we spoke to recently thinks "It just wouldn't work for us."

But what is it? And when should you use it?

Harry Smith takes you through Content Syndication for B2B Tech marketers

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And finally....

You've got a smartphone, you may even have a smartwatch, but do you have Smart shoes? Puma have updated and reissued their RS-Computer Shoe. With a limited run of 86 pairs available globally, released December 13th, there's always a slim chance you'll be unwrapping a set on Christmas day

Check them out here. 

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