Welcome to The Kingpin Weekly Digest #16.

The last Christmas cards are being sent, goodbyes being said and soon Chris Rea will begin his annual drive home for Christmas.

As a parting gift this week on the Digest, a Red Cockerpoo provides Kingpin Co-Founder James Foulkes with an epiphany, we provide a cheat sheet to measuring brand awareness campaigns and we look at what we can expect to shape B2B's use of social media in 2019.


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What does a Red Cockerpoo mean to B2B?

Kingpin Co-Founder James Foulkes had another B2B marketing epiphany, this time on his commute and struck up a conversation with a fellow dog owner.

Careful, if you click through you might be overcome by the cuteness of his dog.

Check her out here (...oh, and read what he has to say)

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The B2B brand KPI and measurement cheat sheet

Brand awareness is a vital part of marketing strategy, but is often overlooked by more measurable pipeline-driven demand and lead generation campaigns.

Measuring brand campaigns is possible though. Joe Bucknor, Kingpin Account Director has written a cheat sheet to help you on your way.

Worth considering when planning your brand campaigns in 2019

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Get savvy on social: 2018 - A good year for B2B social?

Sophie-Louise Vevers and Glenn Clarke kick off their "Get Savvy on Social" series with a review of 2018, and the key issues and trends to watch out for in 2019.

Here's what we can expect in 2019

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And finally....

Right now Santa is prepping his sleigh and carb-loading for the big night.

Google have released their Santa Tracker complete with Santa Selfie, Elf Maker, Wrap Battle, Translations and Code Lab (one for the kids).

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Have a great Christmas and New Year and we'll see you again in 2019. 



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