Welcome to The Kingpin Weekly Digest #21.

It's that time of year again; the temperature has dropped below 5°C in the UK and somehow that thing that has happened every year since forever (called "Winter") has caught every one out again. (Thinking of our friends in the US right now with -30°C!)

The winter-hardened team at Kingpin have braved the central heating to look into what offers the most value to B2B marketers, which this week includes partner satisfaction surveys , dynamic content , how to measure those elusive brand campaign KPIs and the Superbowl.


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How well do you know your channel partners? 

Hate to say it, but there is often a mismatch between what vendors believe partners want, need and think and what their partners actually want, need and think.

James Taylor writes about why running a Partner Satisfaction Survey should be a must-have for Channel Marketing Managers, and how they can lead to boosting channel performance.

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Boost your email performance with dynamic content 

Personalisation is not a new concept, but it's possible to do more than “Hi {firstname}” for a serious email nurturing campaign with all the martech at our disposal these days. 

Here's why you should be using your data and Dynamic Content in your email marketing to drive ROI.

- - -

Brand is back - but can you measure it? 

Brand is back, but in the murky world of KPIs and tangible outcomes it's not the most comfortable area for a lot of B2B marketers. 

Don't worry, Account Director Joe Bucknor has put together a cheat sheet to help measure those elusive branding KPIs and justify that brand campaign you've always dreamed of.

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As well as the game, this weekend's Superbowl is eagerly anticipated for the TV ads. Can't wait until Sunday to watch them? 

Watch the best ones here. Okaaaaaaaaay.

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And finally....

Kingpin's Head of Strategy Mark Mills will be speaking at Get Stacked - The B2B Marketing Technology Conference 

Covering how to measure and predict audience intent, to identify and nurture those accounts already interested in your brand and most likely to convert. Surely that's the holy grail?

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Have a great rest of the week, and speak to you soon.


The Kingpin team