The World Wide Web turns 30 this year, but we don't see it slowing down any time soon.

Like a fine wine, the Kingpin team are getting better with age (or so we tell ourselves) and have put together another round up of what offers the most value to B2B marketers, which this week includes why you shouldn't get the wrong idea about telemarketing, how brand affects buying decisions, the foundations of ABM and we'll be talking live about intent data.


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Don't let Homer Simpson give you the wrong ideas about B2B telemarketing 

If like Ned Flanders you'd been woken up in the middle of the night by Homer's auto-dialler then we'd understand if you said “I hate telemarketing”.

Yet James Taylor's 18 years of experience tells him that when done right telemarketing can be your most effective marketing tool for generating insights, building relationships and nurturing opportunities.

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"Nobody got fired for buying IBM" 

Brand reputation or user experience? For B2B buyers, both matter.

Brand reputation is as influential as ever and here Claire Dalton has some insights into how it affects tech buying decisions in 2019.

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Stop saying, "We just want to target the Forbes 500"… and refine your ABM strategy 

Account-Based Marketing is a deep topic and is much more than just a short-term tactic you can run for some quick wins; it's an all encompassing marketing strategy.

Here Rachel Denman takes you through the three principles behind successful ABM programmes. 

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The World Wide Web turns 30 this year and to celebrate CERN developers and designers have created a version of the original WorldWideWeb browser that can run inside a modern browser. If you want to give it a try

Here it is (it's kinda painful!)

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And finally....

Head of Strategy Mark Mills will be speaking at B2B Marketing Expo at the Excel in London on March 27/28.

In his presentation titled "How to use intent data to find your next customers" he'll be talking about how to work out if your customers are already in market for your solutions or products. Sounds like the Holy Grail, right?

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