It's been a flipping good week for Kingpin, but that good feeling might be from all the sugar we put on our pancakes on Tuesday. (No argument: lemon and sugar wins - don't @ us)

But enough of this crêpe content...the team at Kingpin have put together another round up of the most powerful insights for B2B marketers, which this week includes lead follow up after exhibitions, B2B podcasts, warming up data with email, supercars and our PPC Masterclass webinar.


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"Sorry, we met when and where?" - 5 things to think about for better lead follow up after an exhibition 

Events and exhibitions are a cornerstone of many brands’ B2B lead generation strategies, yet only 2% of sales happen on the first encounter so how you follow up after this is crucial.

Nathan Sebanakitta has five things you should think about when planning your follow up of exhibition leads.

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Listen up! I was on a podcast and lived to tell the tale 

Podcasts are still growing in popularity and many people are listening to them for professional reasons, with 62% of IT decision makers reporting they've listened to a podcast for business purposes in the last three months.

James Gill has been interviewed for not one, but two podcasts now, so has taken time out from his busy recording schedule to write about how to use podcasts in B2B tech marketing and tips for putting them together.

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Should I be using email to warm up my data? 

Intuition tells you it makes sense to warm up prospects with an email before calling in. Yet at times telemarketing operators have reported little difference in responses between cold and pre-emailed data.

So what's the real story and what difference does warming up contacts with an email make? Karl Wakely has been through the numbers and has some answers.

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Technology that moves you? In this case, at over 200mph. The future is looking greener, smarter and faster and with the latest hybrid and electric cars unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow this week.

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And finally....

We're hosting a B2B Marketing Masterclass webinar, "How to build a PPC strategy that generates leads

This will be on Wednesday 13th March, 4.30pm (GMT).

In this 15 minute Masterclass, Kingpin's resident PPC experts Thea Van Zyl and Lewis Williamson will talk you through some of the tactics, tools and tips you should factor into your PPC strategy to drive your lead generation efforts.

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