The big social networks experienced outages yesterday, but as always the Kingpin team stayed switched on.

This week the team have another round up of the most powerful insights for B2B marketers, which this week includes boosting lead generation with PPC, paid social advertising, content syndication and being ranked as a top international B2B marcomms agency.


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How to build a PPC strategy that generates leads 

The first webinar in our B2B marketing "Masterclass" series, How to build a PPC strategy that generates leads (it's a marathon not a sprint) is now available on demand.

Check out the tools and tactics to factor into your PPC campaigns to boost your lead generation efforts.

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The good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 

Outages aside, it's hard to deny social has its place in it your marketing strategy, with paid social becoming a must-have for many brands (especially what with new generations coming in to the buying teams with their different research habits.)

But it's not all that. Sophie-Louise Vevers goes through what she loves and hates about these platforms.

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Content syndication - the indirect driver of sales opportunities 

Content syndication is a strategy we believe in for generating sales opportunities, but one marketer we spoke to recently thinks "It just wouldn't work for us."

But what is it? And when should you use it? Harry Smith talks you through it.

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We've been named in the Campaign Best Places to Work 2019: Top 50.

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And finally....

The  B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report 2019 is out and we're delighted to have been ranked 9th in the ‘Top 12 International B2B marcomm agencies

Go team!

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