With April Fool's day this coming Monday you may have started planning your office pranks.

Not here though...of course the Kingpin team have remained uber professional and have put together another round up of the most powerful insights for B2B marketers, which this week includes conversational marketing, PPC audits, what's inside the black box of programmatic and talking to senior IT professionals about company culture and digital transformation for our latest insight of the week video.


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Conversational marketing - is it just another buzz word? 

Oh look, "Conversational marketing"...just the latest buzz word?

Or is it? Turns out it's been around for a long time, but in its latest form sales and customer teams are using AI and ML-based tech to improve sales by as much as 20%.

Here's Sophie-Louise Vevers with a run down of what it is and how brands are using it to deliver more personalised customer experiences.

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Could your PPC advertising be doing better? 

It has been shown that around 71% of B2B buyers start their research with a generic search, and your PPC ads could be working, but could they be working harder?

A PPC audit is a great way to identify what's working well and what can improve. Here's Lewis Williamson with what to consider when auditing your PCC activity.

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So money goes in...clicks come out? 

Invest in programmatic advertising and all of a sudden you've got impressions and clicks coming out and a whole host of other metrics. You scratch your head and think "that's nice but what does that all mean?"

It's a fimilar story throughout digital marketing - sometimes you feel someone's hiding the bigger picture from you. Here's Chris Smith with a look inside the black box and an explanation of what's going on.

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We asked over 200 CIOS and senior IT professionals - "Is cultural change a bigger barrier to digital transformation than technological change?" To see what they thought, here's our latest Insight of the Week video.

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And finally....

In just over a month Glenn Clarke will be running the London Marathon for our favourite charity Great Ormond Street Hospital. He's almost hit his fundraising target so if you'd like to help him over the finish line you can support his effort on his Virgin Money Giving page and follow his journey on Facebook.

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