Happy Thursday to you.

We've taken a moment out from our Easter Egg hunts at the Kingpin offices to bring together the most useful round up of B2B tech marketing for you, which this week includes nurturing channel partners, customer buying behaviouris brand reputation more important to buyers than user experience and what if Larry David had written GoT.


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"I just called...to say...I love you".... 

It's all well & good hunting for new channel partners, but you might have the right ones somewhere in your network already.

Here's what Commercial Director James Taylor has to say about identifying the brightest prospects and showing them some love to help them make the progress they're capable of.

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How and when do organisations purchase technology? 

Did you miss yesterday's "Masterclass" webinar? Not to worry, it's now available on-demand.

Account Director Joe Bucknor talks you through the findings from our latest research into how customers make their technology buying decisions.

If you know this, the sales and marketing plans will fall into place...

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Brand reputation or user experience? 

"Nobody got fired for buying IBM"...

That’s a famous (though never official) strapline for Big Blue that’s familiar to anyone in the tech industry. Strong brand reputation means it's the best choice, right?

But, does brand reputation still matter in 2019? Are buyers focusing more on the quality of the offering, rather than on the brand reputation? Claire Dalton with some stats and suggestions here.

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If Larry David had written GoT we like to think Se8 Ep1 would have ended like this ...

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And finally....

We're pleased to announce we've been nominated for Channel Marketing/PR Agency of the Year at the CRN Sales and Marketing Awards. We've got a long history of helping clients with their partner channels so we're looking forward to that evening.

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And that's it for another week.

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