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What a week it's been: a royal baby and two English teams making it to the Champions League final, and here we are to top it off with this week's Digest. 

This week we look at who is your target tech buyer, who's the most influential person in the tech buying process, why you shouldn't get the wrong idea about telemarketing, humpback whales jumping out of the ocean and the latest awards we've been nominated for. 


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Who is my target buyer? - Navigating the B2B tech buying cycle

It’s vital for B2B tech marketers to understand how a buying process works if their campaigns are to deliver leads, pipeline and revenue. Thing is, the way organisations, particularly large enterprises, purchase tech is usually a long and complex process. 

Perhaps the most important question here is, Who is my target buyer?

Kingpin Co-Founder Mirza Fur writes about what we've found in his latest blog.

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51% of B2B tech content is consumed by... 

So who is the most influential person in the tech buying process?

Surely it's the CIO?

Well, turns out it's not that straight forward. Here's a snippet of what we've found out in this week's Kingpin Insight of the Week video.

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Don't let Homer Simpson give you the wrong ideas about B2B telemarketing

If like Ned Flanders you've been woken up in the middle of the night by Homer's auto-dialler then we'd understand if you said "I hate telemarketing".

Yet James Taylor's 18 years of experience tells him that when done right, telemarketing can be your most effective tool for generating insights, building relationships and nurturing opportunities.

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Slight change of scenery for a moment...Here's a humpback whale showing off and leaping out of the ocean in front of a sight seeing tour.

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And finally... 

We've been nominated for two awards at tonight's Drum Recommended awards. There'll be a few of us there, so look forward to chatting to you later!

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