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This week the team at Kingpin are encouraging you to think global, but act local, we have a short video about cyber security priorities, a reminder of what can happen if you forget about your audience, and diving over the finish line.


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B2B marketers: Think Global, act Local 

As a B2B marketer you make solid, data-driven decisions. You'll have researched your customers and lined up your content according to the job titles in the buying teams.

Thing is, the priorities of the people behind these (similar) job titles can vary from country to country. Research habits and content consumption varies too. 

Perhaps the most important message here is, don’t let geographical and cultural differences undermine your B2B tech marketing efforts. 

Kingpin Co-Founder Mirza Fur writes about how to think about these subtle differences and keep your campaigns relevant. 

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Bit of ransomware here, bit of malware over there... 

Cyber security is a perfect example of how priorities vary from country to country. 

We did a major piece of research into this for our report into how organisations purchase technology, but here's a snippet of what we found in this week's Kingpin Insight of the Week video.

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How a CEO would've got his "life back" and a comedian got laughs if they'd thought "Audience first" 

Other Co-Founder James Foulkes had a revelation whilst watching a comedy show and eating scallops. (Inspiration can strike anywhere.)

Here's a quick reminder of the importance of thinking "Audience-first".

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Great effort from this guy with his dive over the line to win this 400m hurdles race. (Pain is temporary, victory is forever...right?)

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And finally... 

Remember we said we'd been nominated for some Drum Recommended awards last week? Well, we won one of them...

We won the Data and Insights award. What's more special here is this was based on recommendations from our clients. We're proud to get the chance to work with them and deliver what they need. 

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