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Without marketing and sales pointing in the same direction, any lead generation strategy is going to struggle. In the digest this week, we ask if the answer is to "unleash Project Zeus?"

Also we're talking about how to follow up exhibition leads, why we can trust programmatic advertising, the ITSMA ABM forum and quick home improvements.


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"Now is the time for you to know the meaning of Project Zeus"

...the words every B2B marketer longs to hear. Turns out, it's about aligning sales and marketing and keeping both teams happy. 

Is this possible though? James Taylor's long experience tells him it is, by using real conversations to profile leads and improve conversions.

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"Sorry, we met when and where?"

Events and exhibitions are a cornerstone of many brands’ B2B lead generation strategies, yet only 2% of sales happen on the first encounter, so how you follow up after this is crucial.

Here we have five things you should think about for better follow up after events.

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Why we can trust programmatic advertising again

Ad fraud and a lack of transparency has meant trust in programmatic advertising has taken a knock. Fortunately, all of this has transpired into the industry and agencies taking action against this.

Programmatic expert Jordan Matthews writes what the industry is doing and what Kingpin does day-by-day to steer clients away from trouble.

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The May bank holidays have passed, but if you still fancy doing some DIY home improvements how about some of these 5 minute cement crafts.

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And finally... 

We're sponsoring the ITSMA ABM Forum on 20th June. If you're interested in going get in touch for our 20% discount code.

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