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As perfect as you think your marketing campaign is, it can fall flat if you don't get the timing right. After 22 years in the game, Kingpin Co-Founder Mirza Fur knows a thing or two about timing marketing campaigns.

Also in the digest this week we're looking at whether senior IT buyers actually refer to analysts and their reports to inform their purchase decisions, why B2B tech marketers mustn't forget the technical audience, and Kingpin's charity quiz night next week. 


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How important is timing for your B2B marketing campaign? 

Understanding the links between budgets, calendars and customer research habits can work wonders for your marketing if you can reach prospects when they're actually looking to buy. 

Kingpin Co-Founder Mirza Fur takes you through how to get this right, based on Kingpin's research into how organisations purchase technology. 

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Magic quadrants, analyst reports, predictions...do senior IT buyers actually read them? 

We spoke to a CIO recently who told us: "I collect analyst reports, because I think I should....I've never got around to reading them". 

Made us think, so we asked a panel of CIOs if they make use of analyst reports to inform their purchase decisions. The feedback was mixed. Maybe CIOs look elsewhere for their information? Here's some of the findings in this week's Insight of the Week video.

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We're selling technical products, but have we forgotten to talk to the technical audience? 

Preaching about the business benefits of IT will get you so far, but let's not forget that somewhere in an IT buying cycle is a technical team that has to approve what you have to offer. 

Yet, have some B2B tech marketers forgotten this?

Commercial Director James Taylor writes about the importance of talking to the technical audience. Turns out, they love to talk and may help you unlock the sales cycle.

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Get where you need to be and make the most of the fairer weather by cycling around town on an e-bike. Here's Uber vs Lime in the race to be the best electric bike in London.

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And finally... 

It's our charity quiz night next Thursday to raise funds for Great Ordmond Street Hospital.

The 80s fancy dress is being prepped and so all we need now is for everyone who's coming to bring full wallets and their A-Game for a night of fun and fund raising for this superb cause. See you next week!

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